The firm is formed by a team of several employees that are managed by a group of managers who are accustomed to working in a team for years.

Arch Braccio Oddi Baglioni

CEO and technical director

Considered one of the leading experts in the legislation on Public Works, and in this capacity he worked with the Ministry of Infrastructure to prepare the new Regulation of Public Works, especially for the part about the professional performance. Furthermore, even for the role of President of the Confederation of the category of engineering companies, privileged interlocutor of the Supervisory Authority for Public Works with which he interjected Determine authority for processing the same information concerning the design and construction management .

Always reported in the guise of organized national conferences for the dissemination and understanding of the new regulations.

Most recently as Vice President of Federcostruzioni initiated activities aimed to raising the quality of the architectural product by raising the quality of the four segments that make up Federcostruzioni (design, construction, building materials, technology).

It must not be omitted the role Braccio Oddi Baglioni has taken in the last thirty years of activity in the field of Construction Hospital is under the professional point of view and is under the educational and informative; enough to mention his teaching the course "Hygiene, Architecture, Building and Plant Health "at the Policlinico Gemelli or publication of several books including" The Hospital "Universe Publishing and" The Hospice "Universe Publishing.

As Vice Chairman of CNETO (National Center for Construction and Techniques Hospitals) has organized a lot of conferences on topics related to construction and organization of Hospitals in Italy. Working together, among other things, with the Ministry of the Interior for the guidelines for fire regulations of the hospitals prior to the Decree of 18 September 2002.


Arch Grifone Oddi Baglioni

Project Manager / Responsible for Italy

Arch Eleonora Smargiassi

Project Manager / Responsible for Foreign

Arch Laura Grimaldi

Project Manager / Manager of the Office

Arch Christian Scarparolo

Measurements and Accounting Manager

Geom. Silvio D'Amico

Designer / I.T. Manager

Mrs. Alessandra Recchioni

Project Manager

Mrs. Patrizia Napoli

Head Tenders Office / Administration